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We are a small independent firm that puts creativity and knowledge into the art of formulating. In simple words we are a physical  formulator which produce all sorts of end-products based on thermoset resins, specialty additives, fillers and  so on. The termoset resins which we use can range over Epoxy, Polyurethane, Polyaspartic ( Polyurea), PMMA, Vinylester, Furane & UV-curing.


Our base products can be categorized as primers, screeds, trowel mortars, pour mortars, self-levelings, coatings, injections, adhesives, and so on…


Together with our suppliers we accommodate our clients in a new area and guide them how our products can help them in their projects. If for some reason we have no appropriate system, our team brings up their utmost potential to  deal up and custom formulate towards our client wishes.

Custom Formulations

At ARC we strive to not only fullfill Customers with their needs, but also help them realise their projects in a predefined and respectful manner. Our Customers can rely on our broad knowledge of industrial applications and specialty systems.

Secrecy & Confidentiality

These are words of big importance to both us and our Customers. Therefor we not only try to improve the relationship among associates, but we also steer towards an uniform way of working.

Market Vision Tolerant

Our services and formulations guarantee a defined and well established place on the sales market. We invest in the well-fare of our Customers and help them reach a correct market position.

Continuous improvement

We make it our core business to provide our Customers the best & utmost state-of-the-art systems. Each formulation or system is double checked, live tested and in accordance industry standards.

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